Your Comfortable and Cozy Patio

These days, the patio is an element of landscape design. Anyone can afford, even on the smallest plot, a small sitting area and design it in own original style.

Classic patio is located at the back wall of the house. Ideal if you have the entrance door on this wall and you can take out some extra chairs when guest arrive, together with ready-made dishes and utensils. And in case of rain the furniture can be quickly removed in the house.

If you can’t arrange a patio next to the wall of your house, you can build it in any corner of the garden, fencing it off with garden screens, pergolas and arches. Vines or grapes can be planted around. You can choose furniture and accessories based on your own preferences, but mandatory condition of any patio is paved floor.

For big sociable family you must equip a larger patio. You can leave one wall open to have a view of the emerald green lawn, a pond, a picturesque landscape or a cool pool. Fireplace and BBQ fit perfectly and create the mood for peaceful talks, discussions of plans and communication.

Patio for two can be built in a remote corner of the garden. It is enough to have only 3-4 m² area, tile paving and put a table with two comfortable chairs. In such a nice place it is pleasant to drink tea, talk, listen to the birds singing and enjoy the romantic moments.

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