Hippeastrum – Proper Care at Home

Cut all the dried roots to living tissue and immerse it in a pink solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection for 20 minutes. Prepared in this way hippeastrum bulb is planted in a pot slightly larger - a plant loves the closeness.

If possible, prepare the soil for the plants yourself: mix leaf humus, turf ground and calcined sand (4: 2: 1) or buy ready-mix soil for flowering houseplants; at the bottom of the pot necessarily place drainage. Then add ground and a little coarse sand on which you put a bulb. Spread gently the roots over the sand and cover with the rest soil. The diameter of the pot must be such that the distance from the walls to the bulb is only 1.5 - 2 centimeters. After planting - abundantly water trying to avoid the bulb. Pot planted flower is put in a warm place (a radiator) and not watered and fed till the appearance of the sprout.

It is put to the windowsill when a powerful spike reaches 10 cm, choose western or eastern window. Flowering of hippeastrum lasts from December to May. Do not rush to cut the stems after flowering. Let powerful flower gradually shrink and give its nutrients to the bulb.

In autumn dig the bulbs and shake off the ground, place in cardboard boxes for 2-6 weeks. At this time, the leaves will gradually die off themselves giving power to a bulb.

Finally, another observation: hippeastrum can be grown without a rest period. But in this case its flowering is uncontrollable, but it will please you with elegant foliage.

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